jueves, 24 de marzo de 2011

Greenfingers Blog

This is our vegetable garden blog 2010-2011.
This is the third school year, we plant and grow vegetables in our school. It is time we let you know the different activities we do. 
The small garden (at the school main entrance)

Here we are in the small garden, preparing the planting beds and planting bulbs: anemones, crocus, tulips…
We show you some interesting animals that live in the soil in the garden, for example this earthworm…

The big garden (at the back of the school building)

In order to prepare the soil we needed to add some sand in the big orchard.  .Here we are working on it!! We had a big sandpit to mix in the planting beds
(4 m3).

On the 4th planting bed we had plenty of jerusalem artichokes, they were two meters high!
In the picture, you can see the beautiful yellow flowers
Then in November, when the plants got brown, we collected the tubers and the harvest was finished.
We made the delivery in the year 5, 4 and 3 classes.
Later on, in February we are going to start planting new little plants: lettuces, garlics…..
This is now our garden. Soon, we are going to plant some rosemary, lavender and thyme too.

Happy Next Spring!

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